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American Denial

Poet's Nook: "Attica Prison Uprising" by Muhammad Ali

MME's Jam of the Day

Things Fall Apart

Poet's Nook: "My Call For Humanity" by Jamie Dunmore

Reading Rant: "Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs" by Johann Hari

Chris Hedges: ‘Pornography Is What the End of the World Looks Like’

We Are Going to Die


Historical Erasure

Noam Chomsky: The World of Our Grandchildren

Police and Plunder by Peter Linebaugh

Reading Rant: "The Globalization of War, America’s 'Long War' against Humanity" by Michel Chossudovsky

Wealth of Nations Pt II

Finding Understanding with the Other

Unremitting Pain: The Careless, Astonishing Cruelty of Barack Obama’s Government by George Monbiot

Robert Reich: 'America is headed full speed back to the 19th century'

Rekindling 'Black Prophetic Fire' w/ Cornel West

MME's Jam of the Day

White Like Me:Race, Racism & White Privilege in America

How the CIA made Google

Goodnight Democracy: How Big Money Bought Our Democracy, Children’s-Book Style


Malcolm X Was Right About America by Chris Hedges